Four Great Exercises

Below is a video of four exercises that work on:
  • Shoulder health and posture
  • Balance
  • Hip Strength
  • Upper body strength and coordination

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Shoulder External Rotation – This exercise simultaneously stretches the tight muscles on the front of the rotator cuff while it strengthens the weak muscles on the back, which helps your shoulders stay in a healthy alignment. Do 10-15 times.

Stagger Stance – The idea here is to take a step that is a little bigger than you would normally take. This puts your body outside of its comfort zone and will challenge your sense of balance. Be sure to have your Support nearby. You can use a sturdy chair or the kitchen sink. Balance for 30 seconds and then switch your feet and repeat.

Side Leg Raise – This exercise works a fairly small but very important muscle on the side of your hips. Make sure you keep the foot pointed forward and hold on to something for support while you do it. Do 10-15 for each leg.

Rotation Uppercut Punch – This is a great total body exercise. As you punch up from you will be using your shoulders and biceps. Also, your abdominals will be working as you twist, and the legs even get in on the action a little if you keep the knees bent softly. Do about 20 total reps (10 for each arm). Weights are optional.

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