Exercises on the Couch

Below is a video of five exercises you can do while sitting in your chair or couch. The whole routine will only take about two minutes to complete, so it's perfect to do when you’re watching TV during commercials.

If you’ve been sitting for a couple hours reading or watching TV, even five minutes of exercise is beneficial. You’ll get your joints moving, muscles contracting, and blood pumping.

Here’s the video:

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To get started, scoot a little bit forward so your back isn’t touching the backrest, and sit up tall.

Leg Extension – Extend one leg at a time so it becomes straight, then lower down and do the other one. Do 10 total. This motion uses the large muscles on the top of your thigh.

Pillow Chest Press – Hold the pillow close to your chest and then push it forward until your elbows are straight. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. Do 10. This exercise uses your chest, shoulders, and arms.

Pillow Leg Squeezes – Fold the pillow in half and place it between your knees. Squeeze your knees together, then release. Do 10. You should feel your inner thigh muscles contracting.

Pillow Shoulder Press – This time you will press the pillow straight up instead of forward. Do 10 This will use your shoulder and arm muscles.

Ankle Circles – Do 10 circles with one foot, 5 one way, then reverse and do 5 the other way. This exercise works a lot of the little muscles in your lower leg that fine-tune the movement of the ankle and foot as your foot contacts the ground when walking.

Action Plan: If you like these exercises, write them down on a piece of paper and put it by the chair you sit in when you watch TV or read the paper.

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