Diagonal Agility Exercise

This video shows what I call Diagonal Walks, a fun exercise that will challenge your balance, agility, and coordination.

You may think it looks like an easy exercise after watching the video, but I think you’ll change your mind after you try it.

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Note: Your step does not have to be as big as mine. A bigger step creates more momentum and is more difficult. Try a smaller step while you’re getting used to the exercise. You can take a bigger step as you feel more comfortable.


You may remember a while back I showed you an exercise similar to this one that involved you stepping side to side and learning to control sideways momentum.

This is the same idea, but now you are moving both sideways and forward at the same time, which is more challenging.

Level 1 – Step with your left foot at about a 45 degree angle so that you are moving both forward and to the left. Then step the same way with the right foot and place it next to your left foot.

Now step diagonally forward and to the right with the right foot, and follow along with the left foot. As you move forward, you will be zigzagging to the left and right.

Level 2 – Similar to Level 1, except as the second foot comes over, you don’t set it down completely. Just tap the toe down before stepping away to the next spot. Step to the left and tap, step to the right and tap.

Level 3 – Now as you step over, the second foot will not touch at all, so there’s no tap. Just bring it close to the other foot before moving it forward and away to the next step.
Level 4 – This looks a lot like Level 3, except now when you step, try to balance on that foot for about 2 seconds. Then step the other way and balance on the other foot for 2 seconds.

As you can see, each level gets a little bit harder because we are having less and less contact with the ground with that second foot.

Start with Level 1, and if that is too easy, try Level 2, and then Level 3, etc. Most people will find Level 4 too difficult, so don’t be surprised if you can’t do it. Practice whatever level feels comfortable for you and move on to the next level when you’re ready.

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