Four Exercises

Below is a video of four exercises that work on a variety of things like:
  • Ankle Strength and Mobility
  • Leg Strength
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Coordination
You will notice that the last two exercises are demonstrated in both a standing and sitting position. You can do whichever position works best for you.

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The Exercises

Seated Ankle Walkouts – While sitting, bring your feet together so they are touching side by side. Keeping the toes where they are, move the heels out and away from each other. Then keep the heels where they are and move the toes away from each other.

Keep moving the feet further and further away from each other. Toes out, heels out, toes out, heels out. When you can't go any wider, walk them back in the same way. Toes in, heels in, toes in, heels in.

This certainly is not a strenuous exercise, but it does a good job of working some of the smaller muscles that support the ankle. Those little muscles play a big role in keeping you balanced as you stand or walk.

Knee Push-Outs – Bring your feet out so they are a little wider than hip-width and the knees are bent at about 90 degrees. Place your hands so they are on the outside of your knees.

Now press inward with the hands trying to push the knees towards each other, but simultaneously try to push your knees out with your leg muscles. Move the knees together and then apart about 10 times providing as much resistance as you need with your hands.

This exercise works a little muscle on the outside of your hips, a muscle that’s very important in terms of stability, walking, sideways movement, and more. It often tends to get very weak as we age, so it’s important to exercise it.

Rotation Punch – You can do this exercise with just your hands, or you can use weights or soup cans for an added challenge. This exercise can be done standing or sitting. If you’re standing, bring your feet out fairly wide and bend your knees just slightly.

Your hands with start on the side of your body just below your armpits with your elbows back. Then rotate your shoulders and head to the left as you punch across with your right arm. Return to center, then rotate to the right punching with your left arm. Do 10-20 punches.

This exercise works most of your upper body muscles as well as your core and legs a little bit.

Out Out In In – This is a great coordination exercise and a favorite of many of my students. You can do it sitting or standing.

Start with your feet close together, then move your right foot out to the side, and then your left foot out to the side. You will then have a wider stance than usual. Now bring your feet back to where you started, right foot in, left foot in. Repeat about 5 times. Out Out In In.

To make it more difficult for you brain, you can add in arm movement. Start with your arms straight and by your sides. As your right foot moves out, move the right arm out to the side as well until the hand is about shoulder height. Then as the left foot moves out, move the left arm out and up.

When you step back together, bring your arms back down by your sides. See how well you can coordinate your arms and your legs moving at the same time. This exercise is great for improving the communication between your brain and your muscles.

Give these exercises a try and see how you do!

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