High Knees

Here is another example of an agility and coordination exercise.

The goal of this exercise, like all coordination exercises, is to teach your brain to better control your body when you are moving so you can react quickly and efficiently as needed in the many different situations that life throws at you.

We do this by challenging the brain to move your body in ways that it’s not used to moving. As usual, you will probably watch the video and think it seems easy, but when you try it you might change your mind.

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From the Agility and Coordination Exercises Book


Basic – Walk forward taking normal-length steps, but bring your knees up higher than usual with every step. The higher you raise your knees, the harder it will be. In the video I bring my knees up to about hip height. You do not need to go that high. Do what feels comfortable for you.

Intermediate – Walk forward again, but this time, only raise your left knee as you walk. Your right leg should just take a normal-looking step forward without an exaggerated knee lift. So every other step will be with a high knee. Then you can try it again taking a high knee with the other leg.

This is challenging to the brain because normally when you walk both legs do the same thing.

Advanced – This time you will walk forward and take a high knee with every third step. That means that sometimes you will take a high knee with the left leg and sometimes with the right. Quite tricky.

Watch the video again and then give this exercise a try. As you do it, notice how much control you have over your legs. Do they do exactly what you want them to do, or do they want to do their own thing?

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