Let's Get Moving

Here's a great little video that will get all your muscles moving. It includes exercises for:
  • Warm-up for the shoulders and spine
  • Leg strength
  • Arm Strength
  • Coordination

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Alternating Arm Swings Up and Down (Warm-up)- Keeping your arms straight, swing them forward and back in alternating fashion. As one arm goes forward, the other one goes back. You can swing forward up to head height or higher, and backward behind your body. Smooth and gentle.

Trunk Twists (Warm-up) - Twist your upper body to one side like you're looking over your shoulder, then twist to the other side. Back and forth as far as feels comfortable.

Mini Squats (Leg Strength)- Stand with your feet about shoulder width, bend the knees as you lower your hips back. Lower down a few inches and stand back up. Go as far down as you feel comfortable, but make sure your torso stays upright (instead of leaning too far forward) and keep your eyes looking ahead. Do 10-15

Punches (Arm Strength)- You can use dumbbells, soup cans, or just your hands. Hold your hands by your armpits with your elbows up and back. Punch one arm all the way out, keeping it shoulder height. Then bring that arm back and punch the other one. Do 10-15 for each arm.

Wide March (Coordination) - March in place bringing your feet off the ground a couple inches. As you march, bring your feet out wider and wider. Then keep marching and bring your feet back together where they started. Move the feet out and back together about 5 times.

Keep moving!

Moving With Mike

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