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Get Moving With Mike!

Moving with Mike

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Now you can do a full-length workout at home while Mike guides you through every exercise.

The DVD is 30 minutes and includes:
  • Gentle warm-up to get your body ready to exercise
  • Balance exercises to help reduce your risk of falling
  • Leg strength exercises  to keep you active and independent
  • Coordination exercises to help your brain communicate better with your muscles
  • Upper body exercises to keep you strong
  • Posture exercises to keep you standing tall
  • Stretching exercises at the end to keep your joints mobile and healthy

There Are 3 Different DVDs...

Since I went through all the trouble of getting the cameras, sound system, and location, I figured I should get as much use out of them as possible. So I meticulously planned out and then filmed 3 different workouts!

3 DVDs

You can buy just 1 DVD if you want, or, if you buy 2 of them, I'll give you the 3rd one FREE.

Having 3 DVDs gives you a greater variety of exercises. You could then work out three times in one week without repeating the same DVD.

Your Choice Of 1 DVD or 3 Different
DVDs with Different Exercises

1 DVD Buy 2 Get 1 Free


You will get your DVDs in about 1 week if you live
in the USA. Allow 2 weeks for international orders.

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Answers to Your Questions About the DVDs

How long is the workout?

Each DVD is about 30 minutes long. I have found this to be an optimal length because it’s long enough to see benefits, but not so long that you get exhausted. Typically, if we go much longer than that, quality starts to suffer.

What is the structure of the workout?

Each DVD has 3 parts:

1. Warm-up – 5 minutes – First we get the body ready to exercise with a gentle dynamic warm-up that gets blood flowing to the muscles and warms up the joints.

2. Workout – 20 minutes – Here we will do exercises for balance, leg strength, coordination, upper body strength, and posture.

3. Cool-down – 5 minutes – Then we finish with some relaxing stretching exercises.

Is there sound in the video?

Yes. I talk you through each exercise, providing instruction and encouragement as you follow along. There’s also some background music, but nothing loud or annoying.

What equipment will I need?

The only equipment you absolutely have to have is a chair, preferably one with no arm rests. We will also use a set of hand weights for some of the strength exercises, but it is not mandatory that you have them. You can do the exercises without weights or you can use two soup cans for weights. If you do want to get weights, you can buy them for less than $10 at any department store.

Are the exercises done standing or sitting?

In order to accommodate a variety of ability levels, I specifically tried to choose exercises that can be done in both a seated or standing position.

I do most of the exercises standing, and there is another person next to me who does most of the exercises sitting. You can choose to follow along with either one 
of us.
Free Shipping
Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We ship FREE anywhere in the world. Also, the DVD has been formatted to play on any DVD player around the world.

How long will it take for the DVD to get to my house?

If you live in the USA, you will get your DVD in about 1 week. All other countries will 
take about 2 weeks.

To Order By Mail

1. Write a check for $19.95 (1 DVD) or $39.95 (3 DVDs) and make it payable to:

"Breakthrough Fitness Systems, LLC"

2.  Mail it to:

Breakthrough Fitness Systems, LLC
9054 E. German Valley Rd.
German Valley, IL 61039

3. Please include a note with your payment that says "DVD" and also include your email address.

You will get your DVD(s) about 1 week after we receive your check if you live in the USA. Allow 2 weeks for international orders.*

*International Orders - Please note that we can only accept checks or money orders that are in American dollars.

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