A Short Exercise Routine

Here are five exercises for you that include:
  • Two warm-up exercises for the shoulders and trunk
  • Two strength exercises that also work coordination and balance
  • One great stretch for the upper body
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Here are the names of each exercise in case you want to write them down:

  • Arms Up and Down Alternating - Warms-up the shoulders joints and upper body muscles. Do 10-15 times
  • Trunk Twists - Warms-up the spine and trunk muscles. Back and forth about 10 times.
  • Side Lunge - A great leg strengthener that also challenges your balance. Do 10 for each leg. Only step as far as you feel comfortable and use the chair if you need to.
  • Upper Cut Rotation Punch - Works the entire body, but focuses the most on your arm and shoulder muscles. Do 10 each arm. (Weights are optional)
  • Interlaced Fingers Push Forward - Stretches out the wrist, forearm, and upper back. Hold for 30-45 seconds.

Remember to go at your own pace and breathe naturally. Watch the video through again and give these exercises a try.

Moving With Mike
"I have been using your Video #1 everyday for two weeks. For the first time in almost 3 yrs. I have hope that my balance and coordination are improving. I  started off not being able to do everything on the DVD, but today I am standing more, have better balance and I look forward to each morning to check my improvements that I continue to make. I like how you have both a standing & sitting person, your voice is calm, supportive and you explain why each exercise is important. Thank you and I'll keep you posted."
-Patty M., Washington

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