Step-Ups for Stronger Legs

The video below shows you how to strengthen your legs using the stairs in your home. Instead of going all the way up the stairs and back down, we will just go up and down the bottom stair repeatedly.

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Forward Step-ups – 10-15 times each leg

Stand at the bottom of your staircase like you were about to go upstairs. Put your right foot on the first step, and then step up, bringing the left foot up to that same step. As you step up you will push through the right foot that was on the step first. Now step back down with both feet. Step down with your right foot first and then the left.

Right Up – Left Up – Right Down – Left Down

Repeat 10-15 times and then do it again with the left foot going up first.

Left Up – Right Up – Left Down – Right Down

  • I recommend that you hold on to your railing while doing Step-ups.
  • As you step up, try to get your entire foot on the step. The front of your toe should be almost butting up against the vertical part of the next step. This will give your body the best platform to push off of.
  • As you are stepping down try to control your descent so you impact the ground softly. It doesn’t have to be slow, just try to feel like you are in control instead of gravity being in control.

Sideways Step-ups – 10-15 times each leg

Turn 90 degrees to the left so your feet are parallel to the first step instead of facing it. Your right foot should be close to the first step. Now place your right foot up on the first step and move it over to the right until it butts up against the second step. That foot will stay there the whole time.

Then push through your right foot and lift your body and your left foot off the ground up onto the step. Step down with your left foot only and repeat. Do 10-15 and then turn around to do the other foot.

These two exercises are fantastic leg strengtheners and are also quite safe provided you use your railing. You can do them 2 or 3 times per week.

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