Five Strength Exercises

This video features five exercises for Strength that will uses muscles in your:
  • Upper Body
  • Torso
  • Lower Body
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From the Moving With Mike DVD


Alternating Shoulder Press (Shoulder and Triceps Muscles) – Start with your elbows bent, hands about shoulder height, and your palms facing towards the side of your head. Press one arm straight up until it is straight. Lower it back down and then press the other arm up. Do 10-15 times for each arm.

Side Bends (Side Stomach Muscles) – Hold both weights in one hand at the side of your body near your pocket. Your arm should be straight. Stand up tall and bend sideways lowering the weights along the outside of the leg towards the knee. Then stand back up straight again and bend to the other side. Repeat 10-15 times. Keep your abdominal muscles tight the whole time and imagine that the muscles on the side of your torso are pulling your spine and the weights back up.

Arm Curl (Biceps Muscles) – Hold one weight in each hand by your sides with your palms facing the side of your leg. Bend the elbow and curl the weights up together until they are about shoulder height. Your palms should remain facing each other, and your elbow joint should stay stationary by your side. Lower down slowly and repeat 10-15 times.

Knee Push-Ins (Inner Thigh Muscles) – Sit down and bring your feet out so they are about two feet apart. Place your hands so they are on the inside of your knees. Now press outward with the hands trying to push the knees apart from each other, but simultaneously try to push your knees inward with your leg muscles. Move the knees together and then apart about 10-15 times providing as much resistance as you need with your hands.

Leg Extension and Hold (Top Thigh Muscles) – Extend the knee joint and straighten one leg out in front of you so it is parallel to the ground. Hold it there for about 3 seconds and try to squeeze the muscles on top of your thigh. Then lower down, raise the other leg, and hold it up for about 3 seconds. Do each leg about 10 times.

Remember to do all of these motions in a slow and controlled manner. That will give you a better muscle contraction. And don’t hold your breath. Breathe naturally.

Moving With Mike
"Hi Mike. I received the DVD's last week and I've done one of them every day. My daughter is a nurse who has had lots of therapy herself and I played part of Disc 2 for her last night. She said, 'These are really good exercises.' My favorite is Part 2!" -Margaret from Ohio

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