A Variety of Exercises

Below is a video showing four exercises that work on a variety of things including:
  • Shoulder health
  • Balance
  • Stomach strength
  • Coordination
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From the Moving With Mike DVD


Straight Arm Rotation – Bring your arms up and out to the side until both arms are shoulder height. Then rotate both arms forward and backward. The motion should come from the shoulder joint and you should see your palms and elbows rotating up and down. See how far you can rotate in each direction. This is a great exercise for the rotator cuff. Repeat 10 times.

One Foot and One Toe Behind – Stand behind your chair and hold on to it. Place your right foot flat on the ground and bring your left foot behind your right but as you set it down only allow the toe to touch the ground. Most of your weight should be on your right foot.

This is almost like standing on one foot but you have a little help from that left toe. Balance there for about 30 seconds and try to use your chair as little as possible, but make sure your hand is never more than an inch away from the chair in case you need to grab it.

If you want to make it harder you can move your head up and down. Look up at the ceiling and then slowly move your head down and look at the floor, and repeat. This throws off your inner ear and makes it more challenging to keep your balance.

After 30 seconds turn around to stand on the left foot, bring the right toe behind, and balance again.

Trunk Rotation (with weights) – Hold your weights in front of your stomach with your elbows bent at 90 degrees and your elbows by your sides. Contract your abdominal muscles and rotate slowly to one side and then back to the other side. Rotate to each side 10 times.

Step Taps Sideways – You will be stepping side to side repeatedly in the same area. Start by stepping to your right with your right foot and then bring your left foot over as well towards your right foot. Don’t put the left foot all the way down, though, just tap it next to the right foot and then step back to the left with your left foot. Place the left foot down and then bring the right foot over and tap it by your left. Step – tap – step – tap. Go to each side 10 times.

The bigger your step is the harder it will be. For an added challenge, swing your arms sideways in front of you like a pendulum as you step. When you step to the right, swing both arms along to the right. When you step to the left, swing the arms to the left.

Moving With Mike
"Hi Mike, I just received your 3 DVD's of Moving With Mike. Thank you, they are just what I need to motivate me to stay with a program that I can do. I like having the 3 of them to have a few variations. I also like doing the balance ones as at my age I need that. Thank you again." -Joyce F., 80

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