Walk the Line

Here’s a simple balance exercise you can do around the house. Simply walk forward in a straight line putting one foot right in front of the other.

Imagine you’re a gymnast on a balance beam and you’re trying to walk perfectly straight. (Many of my clients also call this the sobriety test).

You should do this next to something you can use for support if needed. A great place to do it is in the kitchen along the countertop. Have your hand near the counter at all times, but try to touch it as little as possible.

When you run out of space, turn around and repeat several times.

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The Balance Manual


Normally when you walk, your feet would be wider. Walking the line like this means you have a very narrow base of support, which will decrease stability and challenge your balance.

You will notice your ankle wobbling side to side as the brain tries to figure out what muscles to activate in your foot to keep you balanced.

This exercise certainly isn’t tiring, so you can do it as often as you want. Have fun!

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